Traveling Around Thailand

retirement in thailand concept Getting around to look around.
You can't simply pack you bags, walk out of your hotel in Bangkok, grab a taxi and say, "Lets go to for a look around Thailand." Your search around Thailand for that very best spot to live will require a good plan.

If you are uncertain about "self driving", and you probably should be, then you will need to rely on public transportation or a chauffeured vehicle..

Self driving in Thailand for the inexperienced can be frustrating, expensive and dangerous. You probably don't understand accepted driving practices. Getting lost on a daily basis is a virtual certainty. Driving in Bangkok is only recommended for masochists.

Riding around Thailand on a motorbike is dangerous even for seasoned riders. If you are not a seasoned rider, DON'T DO IT!

Other forms of travel at your disposal.

  • Air travel is fast, but can get expensive. Also, air travel isolates you from a great deal of the day-to-day culture that you have come here to enjoy.
  • Buses are cheap but can be quite dangerous. For longer trips, look for"VIP" buses with three seats across. Overnight travel is faster because there is less traffic, but you can't see the countryside.
  • Train travel is inexpensive, and can be nice; but you can't get service everywhere in Thailand. For Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, Hua Hin, Phitsanulok, Surat Thani and Had Yai, try to get 1st or 2nd class sleepers. many of the express trains have food and beverage service.
  • Local transportation such as motorbike taxis, tuk-tuks and songtaews is just that, local. But learning to use songtaews (seelors) will pay dividends in getting around the local countryside.
  • Chauffeured automobiles are expensive, but are extremely convenient and time-efficient. And a driver can be a great help

Using some combination of the above forms of transit will get you to just about anywhere in Thailand. You will have to balance expense, time, inconvenience and discomfort.

If you have the budget, speak no Thai and a little unsure of yourself, consider the chauffeured car approach. The car and driver will cost you around Bt 2,000/day.

If you happen to be a couple, or if you're traveling with a buddy, it really makes sense.