Cost of Living in Thailand

Contrasting Houses in Thailand What are the most common questions asked about moving to Thailand? One of them has to be about money. "What does it cost to live in Thailand?"

That question is so impossible to answer that we really need to speak in vague generalities.

Yes, I hate it when someone answers a question with a question. But some answers might be.

  • How well do you plan on living?
  • Where do you plan on living?
  • How many people in your household?
  • Do / will you have school age children?
  • How much do you indulge in "nightlife"?
  • What will your visa status be?
  • What are your hobbies and pastimes?

Some expenses that should be noted
Note: We will eventually have cost of living pages for each prominent expat location in Thailand. Those will be as detailed . But until we are able to develop that content here are some generalizations.

Living in Bangkok

The good news, Bangkok is not the most expensive place to live in Thailand. That honor would likely go to Phuket. The bad news, Bangkok is likely to be a close second. What Bangkok provides is an almost infinite series of options. Room rents can vary from Bt 4,000 or so for a simple concrete box in a crowded building -- to Bt 250,000 or more for a hi-so plush penthouse overlooking the Chao Phaya River. .. more living in Bangkok (coming)

Living in Phuket

Phuket is an internationally know resort island in the Andaman Sea with more than a dozen nice beaches. Because of Phuket's beautiful landscapes and seascapes, it is a very desirable location. So here comes the "location, location, location" mantra. Since not every rental room is located on a beach, you can find bachelor style digs starting at around Bt 6,000 .. more living in Phuket (coming)

Living in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, located in Northern Thailand, is possibly the most economical "big city" in which to live. Many expats are drawn to the city's milder climate and attractive people. Traffic congestion in the city proper can be challenging, especially during rush periods. A number of smaller communities on the outskirts of the city attract expats moving to Thailand. Rentals in Chiang Mai city start at around Bt 2,500 -- but that won't be the Ritz. .. more living in Chiang Mai (coming)