Getting Information in Thailand

Getting Information About Thailand If you sit on enough barstools in enough watering holes across Thailand and listen to enough semi-anonymous Thailand experts you will hear every scrap of information pertinent to Thailand. But, the odds are that 98% of it will be conjecture or just plain nonsence.

Most of the difficulties in gathering information relate to the inability of most of us expats to read Thai. So if something is important, don't trust the sage at the bar.

Public Forums About Thailand

Other questionable sources of important information about Thailand are public forums. It seems such a good idea. Join a forum or group, ask a few questions and get great information. But, that person posting on the forum may well be sitting on a barstool later that evening.

That being said, public forums can provide a wealth of information. The problem is in the vetting. A new expat does need to spend many hours on a forum figuring out who are the spin artists and trolls.


Lawyers in Thailand

If something is important and / or expensive, find a trustworthy lawyer. The bad news, not all lawyers in Thailand are trustworthy. The good news, lawyers are relatively cheap in Thailand compared to western attorneys and solicitors.

Look to embassy websites and respected trade associations for referrals. The U. S. Embassy in Bangkok has a list of law firms they find respectable. A link to a downloadable PDF is on this page -- attorneys in Thailand.

Another attorney that has been extremely helpful regarding property matters is Issan Lawyers

Chambers of Commerce in Thailand

Thailand has any number of chamber of commerce. Even if you are not in business, joining one of these organizations is an excellent means of networking, finding information and possibly making friends. A look at the Yellow Pages™ will show a long list of organizations -- Chambers of Commerce in Thailand

Finally, trust your instincts. The old saying about something sounding too good to be true should be on every expats mind during their "expat formative" years.