Living in "My" Thailand

I don't like blogs nor the software that publishes them. So this section of Yaiban will serve as my substitute for a blog. If you would like to comment about anything written in My Thailand -- or elsewhere on this site -- just click on contact and send it as email with "Comments" as the subject line and I will add it to a comments page.

I read a lot that has been written about Thailand. Much of it is good solid information. Too much is rubbish. Writing objectively about a country and the people is almost impossible. Unfortunately, we allow our own prejudices to color our words.

Having faith in the writings of newcomers is just as dangerous as listening to the stories of the jaded old hands whose experiences or failures have embittered them. Take opinions — especially my own — with several grains of salt. I will only say that I have experienced The Kingdom for over 20 years — 14 years full time.

New arrivals to Thailand often fall in love far too quickly. Some fall for the ladies, others for the beaches. Most will claim, "It's the culture." People in love often view the world through rose colored glasses. Proceed with caution!

If I have not experienced something first-hand, I will be the first to tell you.

Recent experiences include marriage, buying property and building a house. These experience span several years during which I got a bit lazy about tending tbis website. The new pages include (an ongoing) chain of events that cover several years. It started with our marriage then buying a house in a Northeastern village.

That two-year period is currently behind us as we are building a house in a large Northeastern Thailand city. Maybe you can gain some insight from our failures and successes building our house.