Why People Move to Thailand

historical park at Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand The culture, the land, and the people are three outstanding reasons for moving to Thailand. The present culture dates to the 13th Century and Kingdom of Yonok and King Mengrai who was born in Ngoen Yang which is today known as Chiang Saen.

Much like the Khmers, the Tai were warriors and builders. As the Tai extended their influence south, the two cultures clashed and the Tais won. The kingdom fluorished and evolved from Siam to Thailand.

The cultures in Thailand are unique and the land home to graceful and attractive peoples. So is it any wonder that Thailand has become a magnet to adventurers and those disenchanted by life in the west?

Thai People

As the country evolved, so did politics. Absolute monarchy ended in 1932. Most of the leaders who followed were Army generals. Free elections followed, but the terms of elected politicians were often interrupted by military coups.

H.M. the King has no direct authority, but his indirect influence has mitigated any number of troublesome political situations. H.M. continues to be held in awe by the Thais. As a result of political whipsawing, the Thais seem to exist in a state that requires continual leadership. Read more about Thai People.

Thailand - Landscapes & Seascapes

The countryside in Thailand varies from the dusty red earth of Issan to the stunningly beautiful seascapes of the Andaman Islands. The limestone karsts of Krabi are the best of nature's art. Forests of lacy bamboo can make one feel completely alone in nature.

The seas around the Andaman islands are so stunningly transparent they can mesmerize even the most jaded traveler. Walking on a beach with sand so fine it squeaks under your bare feet is another unique experience.

In the rainy season, Thailand sheds its temporary cloak of red dust and turns into a palate of greens so vibrant one has to stare. That's also when the rivers change from mellow to wild and give the rubber boat rafters their turn at fun. Waterfalls come to life, churning their way down the sides of forested mountain. More about Thailand, the land and sea.

Thailand Flora and Fauna

If you hadn't realized it, Thailand is the land of the elephant. Some of these magnificent creature are still in the wild. Khao Yai National Park is one such venue. It can be startling to be driving in the mountains and come across one of these folks. Sadly, too many elephants are abused, kept as sidewalk show attractions in cities.

For bird lovers, Thailand rocks! You can be enthralled by the warbling notes of mountain birds or entertained by the chatter of Thai mynahs. The forest rangers at Doi Intanon claim that 350 species make the park their home.

Yes, Thailand is all that -- and much, much more.