Locations for Living in Thailand

Waterfall in Northern Thailand. Moving to Northern Thailand Chances are that if you will be living in Thailand, you fall into one of two categories. In the first, as an expat employee, some of those pesky regional location decisions will have already been made for you. Then you only need to determine the most suitable location locally.

For those determined to follow a life of leisure, that life of leisure may actually start with some serious work -- which assumes that traveling around the Land of Smiles is considered "work".

Expatriate Employees

Those moving to Thailand to work vary from English teachers to multinational executives. The former will likely be scrambling for budget apartments on their own, or with the assistance of their intended language school. The latter are more apt to enjoy the services of corporate or third party relocation agencies.

If you take issue with our placement of English teachers at the bottom of the food chain, we're sorry. But expats who have lived in Thailand for any length of time have seen a fair number of under qualified and unqualified farangs teaching English.

In Thailand, it is mainly income that determines housing options of expatriate employees.

Expats Living Leisurely

Many expats who decide to move to Thailand fall below normal retirement age, but they still face many of the issues and challenges that retired expats face. While older folks are generally concerned about personal safety, Thailand is just as safe -- or dangerous -- for a younger person that for an older person. Actually, Thailand is probably safer for older expats.

For the expat of leisure, temperament, personal interests, and weather should influence where one decides to spend most of their time. But can those who demand a life at the beach or near the sea write off all Northern or Northeastern Thailand? Not if you can afford two condos, a house and a condo, etc.

Each region of Thailand has something that attracts expats. Each region has cities that can serve most expats very well. The trick is matching your needs and desires with a specific location in Thailand. Depending on your state of mind, finding an area to live in Thailand can be a chore or a pleasure.