Expat Family in Thailand

Expat Family Moving to Thailand "We're moving WHERE?"

Chances are that if your family is "normal", announcing an expat assignment to Thailand will elicit a range of emotions and a flurry of reactions.

"Oh, dear God! "

"Mom! My cheerleading tryouts!"

"Aw, jeez, Dad! I just asked Suzy to go steady."

"Eeeek! Do they have snakes?"

"Wow! Can I get a pet elephant?"

An expat assignment may well be a step up the ladder for dad, yet create some serious social upheavals for teenagers. The more adventurous will take the change of culture in full stride, focusing more on new horizons than what was left behind. Others may never adapt.

More often than not, the greatest burden of smoothing the transition and adapting the family to the new culture will fall on mom's shoulders. Older children may want to stay behind, living with relatives or friends. But that throws the family unit into a sudden imbalance.