Thailand's Culture

Buddha image in Ayuttaya temple Thailand has a rich heritage, probably much older than your home country. Remarkable temples and ancient ruins would be enough of a reward to move here. But at some point, you will need to start interacting with this land and it's people -- and find the truly rewarding aspects of Thailand

Westerners have been intrigued with the people of Thailand since 1678, when the English East India Company sent one of its agents, a Greek named Constantine Phaulkon, to the court of Ayutthaya. History of Thailand

Thailand can be difficult for westerners. The smells are alien to western noses. Weather can be a challenge to farangs who have spent too many years in cold to moderate climates. Language difficulties plague people like me who don't have linguistic talents. Thai food is a mixed blessing, depending on your palate. To most of us, it's a reward for suffering through other cultural adaptations.

Thai Language

The Thai language challenges western tongues and vocal cords like few others. Thai has 5 tones, glottal stops, and requires sound we aren't accustomed to making. But to experience Thailand, you really do need to study Thai, learn it the right way, and use the language on a regular basis.