Living in Thailand

Thai kids, unsure about a water buffalo Expat websites seem to usually start by vivid descriptions of Thailand's beautiful seascapes and landscapes. I suppose that's okay, but if that's all you're interested in you may discover a lot of distractions when you arrive — Thai people.

And if you have no interest in the Thai people or the Thai culture, moving to Thailand may not be as rewarding as you anticipate. Thai culture is as fascinating as are the historical ruins at Sukhothai and Ayuttaya.

You will certainly love some of the aspects of Thai culture — others are sure to piss you off at times!

Thais tend to be a graceful and cordial people. Their hospitality is known worldwide. Yet much of what new arrivals see is superficial. Thai culture sort of demands controlling one's inner demons in public. But frustrations and alcohol often release those repressed feelings — and, trust me, you don't want to be around when the dam bursts. More information about Thai people.

Who is Moving to Thailand?

Over the past decade more westerners have been moving to the “Land of Smiles”. Some expatriate looking for a different life or lifestyle. Others move to here for adventure -- new age Walter Mittys. A few move to indulge in little other than carnal pleasures.

Thailand is one of those easy places to live, yet it can be a nightmare for the wrong person. Expectations often collide head-on with reality. Talking to old expats will result in claims and counter-claims — proof that one Thailand does not fit all.

Ask yourself, "is moving to Thailand a good idea?"

"Living Cheap"

This simple and often heard claim needs so much qualification that there should be a big "if" attached to every paragraph written or sentence spoken. Living in a rural Thai village can be cheap -- assuming you want to live likle a village Thai. Living in a modest condo or serviced apartment in a medium sized city can be relatively cheap -- relatively being an ambiguous term we hope to clarify.

Living in a luxury beach home or condo in Phuket, in a luxury crib on Upper Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok — while enjoying all the nightlife the area has to offer can rival Manhattan. Don't worry, we have some information on living costs .

Interviews With Expats

It is impossible for any one person to have personally experienced all aspects of living in Thailand. So we are planning as many interviews as we can possibly get. Our first is with an expat who had accomplished something unique. This westerner got Thai citizenship.

The Weather is Great

mountain resort in chiang mai thailand That can be an accurate claim. But it assumes that you may like tropical weather punctuated by occasional floods.

None of those beautiful travel photos or videos radiate the kind of temperatures and humidity one should expect from March to May a kilometer off the beach, on the plains and in the valleys.

The good news for those who suffer in colder climates, Thailand truly is paradise. Up North in the cool season, the temperature often drops near freezing. These cold snaps send Thai folks into a frenzy of wool clothing and parkas that you might find on a polar expedition. More about the weather in Thailand